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The Hanger Hamperô

A Better Way to Organize Your Dry Cleaner Hangers 
The Hanger Hamperô Story: Did you know 3.5 BILLION wire hangers end up in landfills each year !!! How many of us wish there was a way to do something good for the environment and cleanup up that mess of hangers in our closet? Now we can! By bringing the dry cleaner hangers back to the dry cleaner, we help contain costs and waste.
  • The Hanger Hamperô helps the environment and supports sustainability by promoting reduce, reuse, and recycle initiatives.
  • The Hanger Hamperô enables you to gain back precious closet rack space.
  • Easily Stacks and stores in your closet.
  • Once clothes are removed from the hanger, simply place the hangers in the Hanger Hamper.
  • Convenient strap handles make it easy to carry and return collected hangers to the dry cleaner.
  • Once hangers are returned to the dry cleaner, the hamper easily collapses and can be carried out flat or hung on your clean clothes using the sewn tab.
  • The Hanger Hamperô has a clear pouch that can be used by the dry cleaner as a convenient place to hold their business card.
  • The Hanger Hamperô can be used to "Bring it Back" or can be used to store plastic hangers in your home.

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